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Recognizing the ever-growing popularity of the Internet/Intranet, which is redefining the way we communicate, and the way we do business, BitraNet has a clear focus on providing Internet/Intranet solutions to global clients.

BitraNet understands that your Internet related requirements are not mere technological solutions, but basic fulfillment of your key business process that is geared to increase your overall profitability. To this end, BitraNet delivers value added solutions that make optimum use of technologies so that what you get is simply the BEST.

BitraNet Offers the following Services:

Web Site Management: Design, Authoring, Programming, Hosting, Marketing and Support.

InterNet Business Applications Development.
Enabling E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions.
Web Enabling Client/Server Applications.
Portal Development , Maintenance and Management.
Portal-Turnkey project Execution.

E-Commerce - The world is your market place

It's a challenge to extend your business onto the Internet - and probably one of the biggest projects your company will ever face. You know that eventually you'll have to jump on the bandwagon, and be a part of the biggest business and technological revolution in history - the new digital economy. The benefits and advantages are as vast as the Web itself. New customers, whether local, regional, national, or even global. People you couldn't have possibly reached before the Internet was available - at least not cost-effectively. Early adopters have already proven that there's money to be made in e-commerce, and they've already established a strong foothold in the industry.

Transforming your business online can be risky - but it doesn't have to be, with BitraNet on your side.

BitraNet helps to ease your way into the exciting and profitable world of e-commerce. First, we develop and deliver mission-critical, enterprise-class e-commerce solutions that work with the way you run your business right now, by using your best business practices and integrating with your existing systems. It's also comforting to know that our solutions and products are flexible enough to adapt to any business challenges you may face today or tomorrow.

Whether it's handling increased transaction levels during peak purchasing times, adding more products to your online catalog, personalizing content, or creating promotions - you can rely on our products to handle every aspect of your online business.

BitraNet provides the reliability, scalability and high availability that you need to be able to confidently evolve your business online - and keep it running profitably.

We're with you every step of the way. Through our range of comprehensive e-services, BitraNet provides complete professional and technical assistance to ensure a successful implementation of your e-commerce site.

Our services include a robust implementation methodology, extensive education and training courses, and ongoing customer support services. From your initial contact with members of our staff, through the launch of your e-commerce site, and beyond - you can be confident that BitraNet will continue to strive to provide cutting edge technology, robust applications, and supportive services to ensure the continual success of your e-commerce site.

We are capable of handling e-commerce solutions of any size and we have successfully completed few offshore projects using Site-server commerce edition. Put together our professionals have over 35 years of experience most of which in Site-server commerce edition.

BitraNet experience is in Business to Business, Business to Customer , Customer to Business and Customer to Customer.
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